A Moody Foody experimenting and learning about all thing’s food related.

My Moody Foody journey began about 3 years ago when I realised that the food we eat is fundamental to your overall well-being, be it for general day to day life, sports or fighting against illnesses. I hadn’t considered the real truth behind the saying:

“Food is the fuel for your body”

With a few years’ experience working within the food industry under my belt, it started opening my eyes to the relationship I had with food. I realised that I relied too heavily on what others told me about food, whether it was “good” or “bad”, instead of doing my own research. From this time, I began questioning many things such as:

  1. What foods do I need to recover when I fall sick?
  2. Which foods are the best to consume to kick start my digestion each day?
  3. What really is the difference between processed an unprocessed food?
  4. What foods were good for me pre & post training?
  5. Are organic foods just a marketing stunt or is there some truth in the title?

These are examples of the questions that started me on my food journey and opening my mind to the power of food.

I will mainly post recipes in this space, most likely yummy treats using wholesome ingredients, but I may occasionally throw in a post relating to interesting food findings I come across on my journey.

Hope you enjoy.